Baby Alpaca Given Second Chance at Life

Photo by Joakim Honkasalo on Unsplash

Baby Alpaca Given Second Chance at Life

A baby alpaca has received its own special custom prosthetic leg. The alpaca, named Cinco, was born on May 5th, which is also the date of a Mexican celebration known as Cinco de Mayo. This is where the baby Alpaca got its name from, even though it was born at Blowing Oaks Ranch in Batesville, Arkansas.

At six weeks old, it suffered an injury that resulted in its leg breaking. The Ranch Owner Caren Barnett told Newsweek that some animals will continue to use their legs despite being injured which could result in further damage. This is what they suspect happened with Cinco, who probably broke his leg while playing and then continued to use it and play with some of the other young alpacas. As a result, his leg got so injured that there was no space for it to be repaired.

A vet told them that because of the condition of the leg, it was likely that Cinco would get an infection on his leg and thus, it would be better to remove the leg.

Barnett and her husband John convinced the vet to only take off the lower leg so that Cinco could get a prosthetic leg fitted to his upper leg.

Barnett then went to JP&O Prosthetic and Orthotic Lab to ask if they could make a prosthetic for Cinco. The certified prosthetist orthotist Paul was uncertain, but he agreed to see what could be done. He had after all previously made prosthetics for dogs and horses.
After several fittings, Cinco received his prosthetic leg on September 14.


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