Baby Formula Plant Shut Down After Rare Flood Closes Operations

Baby Formula Plant Shut Down After Rare Flood Closes Operations

Baby Formula Plant SHUTS DOWN AGAIN After Rare Disaster

( – For several months, the United States has been struggling with a baby formula shortage. The problem was partly due to the closing of an Abbott Laboratories plant after alleged bacterial contamination struck the facility, but the company reopened the location, offering some hope to desperate parents. However, Mother Nature had other plans, as flooding due to heavy storms in Michigan has closed the plant yet again.

On June 15, Abbott issued a press release announcing it had to close its Sturgis plant due to heavy rains, high winds, and hail. According to the company’s statement, the resulting flood damage at the facility forced it to temporarily stop producing baby formula until it had time to properly clean and sanitize the plant.

Abbott says it’s working with the Food and Drug Administration to run tests to ensure the plant is safe prior to resuming operations. The company expects a delay in new products of a few weeks, but they assured consumers there are enough supplies on hand to last until production resumes since the distribution of the specialty formula is coordinated with healthcare providers who previously stocked up on it.

Have you noticed a shortage of baby formula where you live?

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