Bakery Owner Opens Kitchen Up To Desperate Families

Photo by Yeh Xintong on Unsplash

A baker, Ed Hamilton-Trewitt, owner of Brickyard Bakery in North Yorkshire, England has allowed the Christmas spirit to grow in his community by giving people access to his oven. On Nov. 30, Ed offered to bake people’s Christmas cakes using his six-foot-square oven without charging them anything.

Christmas cakes are a holiday tradition in the U.K. but these lush and dense fruit cakes can take hours to bake. With the energy costs in the country rising, this has turned into an issue for many people who are looking at how they can lower their energy costs.

This is what gave Ed an idea that was swiftly implemented. He posted a notice in his store asking for people to drop their Christmas cakes off on Friday so that they can collect them on Monday without having to pay anything. On his Facebook page, he also posted about the event, writing “What’s not to love — let’s get baking!”

The Brickyard Bakery has been open for over nine years and there are regular weekly breadmaking classes that one can take there. Christmas baking and kid’s baking sessions are also favorite activities in the store. However, this latest action of baking Christmas cakes was entirely inspired by wanting to help the community with the increased energy costs by baking all their cakes in-store.

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