Barbershop Goes Viral Over Incredible Deed

Photo by Nathon Oski on Unsplash

A barbershop in Maine has been praised for making one of its customers happy in a now-viral snapshot.

The viral snapshot was first posted on Reddit by U/FloridaMan32225 and it showcased how the barber shop was using a pay-what-you-can approach while doing business.

In a message written under the standard prices of the different types of haircuts, beard trims, and even crewcuts, they had put a little sign that essentially let customers know that if the amount required could be a hardship for them, they should tell the barbershop employees now.

As the board clearly states, they will work with everyone who walks through their doors regardless of their ability to pay millions.

This gesture can be particularly important as many American households are trying to survive despite the increased cost of living. In November, the Consumer Price Index reported a 00.1 percent increase, which brings the increase over the last 12 months to 7.1 percent.

These latest numbers do little to calm those worried that there is an impending recession in the U.S.

Lynn Cressey, the owner of A Little Off The Top, the barbershop in question, has said that she is determined to help out the community that has supported her throughout all these years. As she noted her clients have always been there for her, often checking to see how she is after both her husband and father died as well as when she was sick with Covid. This is her way of paying it back.

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