Biden Admin Builds Concrete Wall Around White House Without Explanation

Biden Admin Builds Concrete Wall Around White House Without Explanation

( – When Joe Biden took over the presidency, one of his first acts was to halt the building of a border wall under the guise that walls don’t work. But, despite that opinion when it comes to keeping out illegal immigrants, it appears Biden does see some value in walls, especially the one he’s erecting around the White House.

On January 12, construction crews began building a concrete barrier on the north lawn between the iron fence and the building. While it is common for the president’s residence to have temporary walls for protection when foreign heads of state visit, there are no such meetings on the agenda. The administration has said nothing about the structure.

Twitter lit up with people posting photos and videos of the work at the Pennsylvania Avenue location. Users questioned its reason, and some pointed out the direct conflict between building a wall here and refusing to build one at the southern border.

There were suggestions that it could be a facade going around the fountain or a temporary structure to block the view of construction on the building. However, the White House has not officially addressed the observations or even made a single remark on this development, leaving the world to wonder what is up with this wall.

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