Biden and Obama’s Relationship Hits Rock Bottom

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

White House TURMOIL Reported

A recent report by the Washington Post details the tension between President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama. This report came a few days before Obama’s upcoming visit to D.C. where he was set to unveil his official White House portrait.

According to the report despite the famous “bromance” between the two men, the atmosphere now is tenser as there is resentment coming from both Obama’s and Biden’s camps.

Tyler Pager in the report described the tension in the report saying that when Obama first returned to the White House in April, he had “received a hero’s welcome from Democrats.”

Reportedly Obama’s speech to the attendees also struck a nerve as he opened it with a salutation to Biden’s former role saying, “Thank you, Vice President Biden”. The remark was met with laughter from Biden and upon leaving the podium the two men embraced. However, the report claims that some people in Biden’s camp thought that the remark ruined the mood.

The report also says that many people in Biden’s camp found the remark to be a display of “cockiness” from Obama.

However, as Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama were set to appear on Wednesday for the unveiling, this tension will not be present in the atmosphere. Instead, the atmosphere created is bound to resemble more of a family reunion according to Pager.
Pager also spoke about the jealousy between the two circles, as some Biden loyalists found Obama’s efforts during Biden’s presidential campaign to be lacking.

Obama’s team also has cause to complain as many of Biden’s aides will frequently compare the two administrations and boast that they aren’t failing to actively promote the President’s accomplishments in the way the Obama administration had.

However, despite the tension between the two men’s teams, the report maintains that the friendship between Obama and Biden is real.

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