Biden Attacked for Giving China Massive Victory

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( – Republicans have strongly criticized President Biden in light of a recent report suggesting that China and Cuba had entered into a significant deal worth seven billion dollars to establish an eavesdropping facility in Cuba. However, both the Cuban government and the U.S. government have firmly denied the existence of such a deal.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to publish the report about the construction of this surveillance facility. If the report turns out to be accurate, it would mark the closest presence of a foreign adversary’s military base to the mainland United States. Responding swiftly, Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder, the Pentagon press secretary, categorically dismissed the report as “inaccurate” during a briefing held on Thursday.

Brig. Gen. Ryder acknowledged the existence of a certain level of engagement between China and Cuba but explicitly refuted any knowledge or information about their involvement in the development of a spy station, contradicting the detailed assertions presented in The Wall Street Journal report. According to him, the activities outlined in the report were not supported by any credible information available to the U.S. government.

Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Fernández de Cossío also vehemently denied the report, describing it as “totally mendacious and unfounded.” In an official statement, he expressed strong condemnation of the report, asserting that it lacked any basis in truth.

Despite these clear statements from the relevant authorities, members of the GOP have raised concerns regarding the potential establishment of an eavesdropping facility and have partly assigned blame to the Biden administration for its alleged creation. House Armed Services Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) expressed the view that it is crucial to employ all available tools to counter China’s aggressive behavior. He further emphasized that the Biden administration needs to recognize that China’s military operations extend beyond the Indo-Pacific region. Rogers underscored that China’s close proximity to North America through South America presents a significant threat that the United States cannot afford to ignore.

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