Biden Attacks Reporters, Gets Humiliated

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Biden Attacks Reporters, Gets Humiliated

President Joe Biden snapped at a reporter after they asked a question about the support requested by Democratic Party midterm candidates. Many online have criticized President Joe Biden after he reportedly snapped at reporters who were asking about abortion access and the alleged Democratic party midterm candidates who have refused the help offered by the President.

These exchanges took place on Thursday when the President was speaking to the press outside of the White House. The first question asked related to abortion access with the reporter asking if any restrictions should be placed on abortions.

In response, Biden said that there should be. The exchange continued with a reporter asking for clarifications on what restrictions should exist. Biden replied to this by yelling “It’s Roe v. Wade. Read it, man! You’ll get educated!”


Many on Twitter have pointed out how defensive this reply was.

Greg Price, a political strategist, also took to Twitter to say that Roe v. Wade had not placed any restrictions on abortion but allowed states to impose limitations. As he pointed out, the Democrats have said that by “codifying” Roe they would remove all pro-life laws in America, which is a contradiction to what Biden has said.

Another exchange with a reporter took place when Biden was asked about making an appearance alongside John Fetterman for his U.S. Senate campaign in Pennsylvania. The reporter also mentioned that other Democrats had refused to campaign with him.
Biden cut the reporter off and said that there have been 15 candidates who had campaigned with him. He then said to the reporter “Count, kid! Count! All right!”

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