Biden Caught Wasting Taxpayer Money

Photo by David Lusvardi on Unsplash

Biden REVELATION – Look What He’s Been Doing

President Biden used Air Force One, two motorcades, and local police protection in his trip to Delaware from Washington, D.C. As Biden noted, the trip was just for him “to vote.”

Most presidents in the past have filed absentee ballots as a means of avoiding travel costs back to their home states. While the exact cost of the trip is unclear, the Air Force 2014 said that the average cost per flying hour for the residential Boeing 747 was $206,337.

Biden took the smaller Boeing 757 version on this trip. The estimates set the average cost of travel at $2,600 per minute. The White House has not made any announcements regarding the reasons why Biden voted in person. The cost of the trip has also not been disclosed.

In both the 2010 and 2014 Illinois Democratic primaries President Barack Obama voted absentee. Former President Donald Trump similarly voted absentee in the 2018 and 2020 general elections.

Many have criticized Biden’s frequent visits to Delaware during his election noting that the President has spent 170 days at his beach house since taking office.

The GOP has also blasted Biden for his vacations throughout his presidency as he has so far spent 40% of his term time on vacation.

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