Biden Celebrates as Americans Struggle

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Conservatives have criticized President Joe Biden for taking a Christmas vacation in the Caribbean at a time when the country is facing an immigration crisis at the U.S. -Mexico border.

On Tuesday, the White House announced that the Bidens were traveling from Washington D.C. to St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where the couple would take a several-day vacation until Jan. 2. The President taking a holiday during the Christmas period is not unfounded. While the Bushes and former President Bill Clinton had stayed in D.C. during the holiday period, former President Donald Trump would usually take the time to visit his Mar-a-Lago home, while former President Barack Obama would usually spend the Christmas period in his family’s vacation home in Kailua, Hawai’i.

However, Biden has already faced a lot of criticism during his time in office for frequently taking trips outside Washington, with this latest holiday trip coming at a particularly problematic timing. At the same time when Biden is going on holiday, a blizzard swapped through the Western New York city of Buffalo resulting in dozens of deaths. Many flights have also been delayed or canceled across the country due to the weather conditions, effectively leaving thousands of Americans stranded.

Meanwhile, the southern border cities are trying to prepare for the anticipated end of Title 42, a Trump-era policy, and the influx of immigrants that will follow.

Jim Banks, a Republican congressman took to Twitter to point out that during this crisis the President is “Vacationing in St. Croix.”

However, Biden has continued to work throughout the holiday season. On Monday he signed an emergency declaration that would provide assistance in Buffalo with cleaning up from the storm.

On Tuesday, his office pushed by the U.S. Department of Transportation addressed the thousands of cancellations made by US Airlines.

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