Biden Erupts on Special Counsel Robert Hur

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( – President Biden expressed strong displeasure with the special counsel’s investigation into his management of classified documents, particularly taking offense at the mention of his late son, Beau, in the final report. Biden visibly upset, questioned the relevance of such personal matters to the investigation during a statement at the White House.

The special counsel Robert Hur  in his comprehensive 388-page report, did not press charges against Biden but commented on the president’s memory lapses, noting significant instances of forgetfulness, including Biden’s uncertainty about key dates related to his vice presidency and the passing of his son, Beau.

Biden emphasized his cooperation with Hur’s inquiry, pointing out his extensive five-hour interview with the investigative team, which covered events over a span of nearly four decades. He insisted that the focus of the investigation should have been on the legal aspects of the case, deeming other remarks about his memory as irrelevant.

Following the report’s publication, Biden’s legal team, including White House special counsel Richard Sauber and personal attorney Bob Bauer, challenged the language used to describe Biden’s memory, arguing it was overly broad and prejudicial. They requested a revision of the report’s language to more accurately reflect the facts and remain within the professional scope of a federal prosecutor.

Amid ongoing discussions about his fitness for office, Biden, who would be 86 by the end of a second term, has acknowledged that voters should consider his age. However, he and his advisors have urged that his tenure be evaluated based on his accomplishments.

During his response to the report, Biden also showed frustration with questions regarding voter concerns about his age. A recent NBC News poll highlighted widespread apprehension among voters, including a significant portion of Democrats, about Biden’s mental and physical capability to serve another term.

As the political landscape heats up with the approach of the next presidential election, where Biden’s likely challenger is 77-year-old former President Trump, both candidates face scrutiny over their age and mental acuity. Trump’s camp has used the findings of the Hur report to question Biden’s suitability for the presidency.

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