Biden Exposed for Extremely Toxic Behavior

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – A new Axios report revealed that President Biden will often snap at staff members and that because of his short temper, he will curse staff members out when they fail to meet his expectations. One administration official revealed to the outlet that everyone could be confronted with Biden’s anger and that aides will oftentimes only meet him in groups as a means of defusing the scene.

It was further reported that the insults the President will often use include “How the f— don’t you know this?” and “Don’t f—ing bulls— me!” Aides have stated that the President’s need for accuracy in all tasks is the reason for his frequent outbursts and shouting of insults.

Ted Kaufman, who had served as the chief of staff during Biden’s time in the Senate, argued that on every occasion where something is missing from the brief, the President is going to find it. He added that this is not because he is trying to embarrass people, but rather because he wants to ensure that all those around him are being challenged to perform their best.

Previous reports have also pointed out that Biden’s circle does not seem to get the “Uncle Joe” curated personality that the public is familiar with. A hot mic had previously also caught him referring to Peter Doocy, the Fox News White House correspondent as a “stupid son of a b—-.”

The report on Monday came after President Biden faced a lot of criticism for sharing in an interview that the United States was running low on ammunition. In the Sunday interview, he pointed out how the country continued to send munition as an aid to Ukraine as they tried to replenish the 155 munition stock.

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