Biden Hiding From the Media

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Biden Hiding From the Media

Joe Biden was blasted over his recent complaints about the media shouting questions. His response to the reporters who kept shouting their questions while he was leaving a White House abortion task force meeting on Tuesday has been widely criticized.

While the reporters try to ask questions, Biden said that “You’re among the only press in the world that does this. Seriously, seriously.”

Many critics have now been saying that Biden should not be attacking the free press especially as he refuses to answer their questions and has failed to hold frequent press conferences.

John Cooper, a communications official for the conservative Heritage Foundation said that Biden routinely tries to hide from the press, does not usually answer questions, and now attacks the press for taking one of the few opportunities they have had to ask questions.

Ian Haworth, a speaker for Young America’s Foundation and Turning Point USA, also took to Twitter to say that in other countries, like the United Kingdom the Prime Minister has to weekly publicly defend their policies in a televised debate, however in the United States President Biden complaints for having to answer the question once every few months.

Guy Benson, a Fox News contributor, also asked a similar question on whether other world leaders tend to have interviews more frequently.

Matt Whitlock, a Republican political operative, mockingly wrote, “That pesky ‘Freedom of the Press,’ right?”

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