Biden Pays for Migrant Buses

Photo by Nicholas Bartos on Unsplash

Biden Is Quietly Funneling Money to This GOP Agenda

The Biden administration is going to be sending federal money to fund cities on the southern border that are aiming to copy the busing operations taken on by Texas and Arizona. The funds will be used to cover the cost of transporting migrants to sanctuary cities.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will be sending funds to the city of El Paso, Texas, and non-profit organizations to help with the cost of the two buses of Venezuelan migrants headed to New York. More buses are set to follow and the spending for this plan has not yet been determined.

The El Paso City County Office of Emergency Management is set to arrange the transport of migrants being discharged from federal immigration custody. These costs will then be reimbursed through FEMA, Deputy City Manager Mario D’Agostino told a local news outlet.

These busing operations originally began in Republican-governed states that were looking to lift the pressure on local resources by moving released migrants out of their towns. Democrats in New York City and Washington, D.C., have criticized these operations previously, but have made no comments regarding the El Paso buses.

State military forces have also been sent to El Paso to assist the local government and non-profits with organizing the transportation of these migrants.

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