Biden Promotes the Same Official Who Covered for Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings

Biden Promotes the Same Official Who Covered for Hunter Biden's Business Dealings

Biden Gives NEW ROLE to One of His Biggest Cronies

( – A former Obama administration appointee heavily embroiled in the scandal surrounding Ukraine is up for another high-ranking position under President Joe Biden. The US leader announced Geoffrey Pyatt’s nomination for Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources on April 22. If confirmed, Pyatt, the current Ambassador to Greece, will take over as the highest-ranking US official on energy security.

A History Too Close for Comfort

Pyatt served as former President Barack Obama’s Ambassador to Ukraine from 2013 to 2016. During that time, some of what many would consider the worst foreign policy blunders in decades happened right under his nose or while he was in the room. Pyatt was one of two officials disgraced by a leaked recording of a phone call in which Wyatt and his would-be-partner-in-crime, then-Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland, allegedly plotted to restructure the Ukrainian government the way they saw fit.

During the infamous call from 2014, Nuland told Pyatt, “F*** the EU.” During that time of political strife in Ukraine, the UN and NATO were both viable candidates for the struggling Eurasian democracy. According to the National Pulse, Pyatt may be responsible for pushing the political forces in the country away from the European Union, plotting to replace elected Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych with Artseniy Yatseniuk.

Ultimately, Yanukovych abandoned his office on February 21, 2014 and fled the country to exile in Russia. The following day, the Ukrainian Parliament removed him from office.

Covering for the President’s Son?

Not only might Pyatt have been involved in a coup, but he also may have affected the investigation into Burisma and Hunter Biden. The Pulse reported that Pyatt appears to have attacked the office of the investigator at the time, Viktor Shokin, who was in charge of the younger Biden’s fate in the Ukrainian investigation.

In a speech to The Odessa Financial Forum in 2016, then-Ambassador Pyatt appeared to talk about the same pressure on Shokin and his office that Biden admitted to in a 2019 recording. The connection between the two men, the president’s son, and the scandal in Ukraine is virtually unmistakable.

The White House released several nominations in a single memo, with Pyatt’s nomination seemingly buried at the bottom. The White House ensured that the ambassador was awarded the Presidential Distinguished Honor Award for his service.

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