Biden Requests $33B in Funding To Advance the War in Ukraine

Biden Requests $33B in Funding To Advance the War in Ukraine

Biden Begs for Billions of More Dollars to Push His Agenda Forward

( – On April 28, President Joe Biden made a request to Congress for more funding for Ukraine. This time he asked for $33 billion. He called this “a very pivotal moment” to “counter Putin’s aggression” and said there is a need for this money to ensure Ukraine can continue fighting for freedom.

The President’s Plea

President Biden implored Congress to approve his funding request. He assured that partner nations would also “pay their fair share,” but emphasized that the United States must provide these funds to “do our part.”

He also stated that this situation would be expensive. However, he stressed that if we don’t pay now, it will only cost more down the road. Biden explained that the United States has to help Ukraine or they would be allowing Russia to continue its assault. He also credited US assistance with helping move Russian troops out of Kyiv.

He concluded his request by saying that he’s already used all of the money Congress gave him to provide Ukraine with weapons and other aid, and that as a result, even more funding is necessary to help aid the war-torn country in their quest to fend off Russia.

Where the Money Goes

The requested money will go into plans to provide more military and economic aid to Ukraine. This is in addition to $800 million for military assistance President Biden announced on April 21. Fox News explained the administration has already approved $1.6 billion this month in addition to the previous $1 billion spent on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The Biden administration plans to use $20.4 billion for security assistance for Ukraine. Another $5 billion will be for drawdown authority, and $6 billion will go to the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. Biden is giving $4 billion to the Foreign Military Financing program.

Another $8.5 billion will increase economic aid to Ukraine along with $3 billion in humanitarian assistance. Some of the funding is for the KleptoCapture Task Force within the Department of Justice. This group seizes assets from Russians under sanctions. The White House is also putting $500 million toward US food production assistance to help with interruptions due to Russian sanctions.

Fox News reported that the requested funding should help over the next five months. But what happens after that? When will additional money requests come? Is continuing to assist Ukraine the best way to spend taxpayer money, considering Americans are also under financial strain right now?

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