Biden Set to Defeat Trump?

Trump-Backed Candidate Shows Double-Digit Lead Over RINO Republican

Trump REPLACED? – Look Who’s Taking Over

According to a Wall Street Journal poll, President Biden would come out on top again against former President Trump if the 2024 presidential election were today.

Biden currently has a 6-point lead over Trump, with 50 percent of registered voters expressing support for Biden, while only 44 percent said that they would probably vote for Trump.

In March a similar poll showed that the two would have been tied at the time with 45 percent support. Biden has already expressed his intention to run for reelection in 2024 if his health allows it. However, Trump has not yet announced his plans but he has teased that he might run again.

Following his recent legislative victories, which included passing the Inflation Reduction Act, and forgiveness of federal student loan debt, Biden has seen an increase in the support he is receiving.

For the Aug. 17-25 Wall Street Journal poll, 1,313 registered voters nationwide were interviewed. Overall, the approval rating for Biden was 45 percent, which is 3 points higher than it was in March.

A similar poll by Quinnipiac University showed a 9-point increase in Biden’s approval rate from 31 percent in July to 40 percent in August.

Despite this increase in his approval rates, most Democrats in Massachusetts have said that Biden should not try to get reelected.

The Mar-a-Lago raid has also led to Trump losing some of his popularity as his unfavorability rose by 3 percent in polls.

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