Biden Signs an Executive Order Amid Foreign Policy Strains

Biden Signs an Executive Order Amid Foreign Policy Strains

Biden EXECUTIVE ORDER News – He’s Signing It

( – The Biden Administration called quantum information science (QIS) a “promising field” that could boost the economy and provide job growth, but only if the United States can stay ahead of others. President Joe Biden issued a new executive order on May 4 to boost the country’s investment in quantum technology. The emerging field opens the door to cutting-edge advancements in the US technology sector, but it also brings about some national security concerns. To address the new issues, Biden also created a National Security Memorandum supporting the effort.

The executive order would move the National Quantum Initiative under the power of the president, which the White House says will ensure it works efficiently and effectively. The national security memo addresses the potential risks and focuses on protecting national cybersecurity. It will also move along much-needed updates to technical infrastructures.

QIS is a newer and sleeker option for computer systems. It has more advanced abilities than traditional technology. While it has the potential to help grow various industries, there is the chance other countries may use it against the United States. For that reason, the president is pushing forward with his initiatives in hopes that experts might get a jump on other nations.

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