Biden Signs Deal for New Internet Campaign Against Disinformation

Biden Signs Deal for New Internet Campaign Against Disinformation

Biden Signs New Declaration That Could Limit Free Speech

( – On April 28, President Joe Biden launched the Declaration for the Future of the Internet. He partnered with 60 other nations in this commitment to reclaim the World Wide Web. A release from the White House says the Declaration will “advance a positive vision for the Internet and digital technologies.”

In summary, the idea behind this pledge is to keep the Internet open and accessible for everyone in the world. It aims to combat governments, such as those controlling China and Russia, which seek to restrict access in their countries. It also contains some points which could be controversial among Americans.

The Washington Examiner reported the declaration would focus on misinformation and disinformation. These topics relate to censorship, which makes them challenging to manage because the idea of incorrect information could be different depending on who is in charge of regulating it. The policy could open the door to silencing opposing viewpoints.

Another issue the Washington Examiner points out is the goal of net neutrality, which requires Internet service providers (ISPs) to treat data the same for everyone, no matter its origination or destination. While Democrats and Republicans like the idea of net neutrality, there is some disagreement over whether the federal government can control certain ISPs if Congress does not reclassify them as public utilities.

A senior Biden administration official said on April 27 that the Declaration seeks to keep communication open on the Internet and is not a power grab by the government.

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