Biden Sparks Anger After Blocking Mining Road

Photo by Zetong Li on Unsplash

( – On Friday, the Biden administration announced that they would block the controversial proposed mining road in Alaska. They further indicated in a separate announcement that they would decline to allow the 28 million acres of protected lands to be opened up to mining, oil, and gas development. 

The decision that would keep the lands from mining still needs to receive final approval, however, the decision regarding the road being blocked is final. 

In a written statement, President Biden noted that his administration was stopping the 211-mile road that would damage a large area that Alaska Native communities are reliant on. He added that they would be taking additional steps to ensure that the 28 million acres in Alaska would remain free from any drilling and mining. 

The Trump administration had previously provided their approval for this project, however, with this latest decision, the Biden administration blocked approval for the project. The previous administration had argued in 2020 while approving the road, which is an Ambler Metals project, that it would allow them to gain access to mining large cobalt and copper deposits. 

However, despite this, the Biden administration has maintained that blocking the development is going to help protect wildlife in the region that is a “critical” food source for the Alaska Native communities. 

Even before the decision was officially made, the Biden administration had stated their intention to block the road and reverse the efforts of the Trump administration. The Biden administration further pointed out the importance of these areas to tribal hunting and fishing. 

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