Biden To Let Would-Be 9/11 Terrorist Go Free

Biden To Let Would-Be 9/11 Terrorist Go Free

( – September 11 continues to weigh heavily on the minds of Americans even now, over 20 years after the attack. But it isn’t just civilians who spend time mulling over exactly what happened on that fateful day. The government continues to investigate the perpetrators — including suspected 20th hijacker Mohammed al-Qahtani, an inmate imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay. Shockingly, it now appears the Biden administration has decided to set al-Qahtani free.

On February 3, the Pentagon announced a plan to release Qahtani into Saudi Arabia’s care. Officials say he will go into a mental health treatment center in that country. He could leave the US as early as March, but officials have yet to define an exact date.

Qahtani allegedly helped plan the 9/11 attacks and was set to participate, too, but could not gain entry into the US. He never faced prosecution for his role in planning the September attack. Instead, they imprisoned him for being a danger to society.

Reactions to al-Qahtani’s release were not favorable. Representative Mike Rogers (R-AL) called it appalling and a typical far-Left mindset. Representative Elise Stefanik released a statement on February 7 in which she condemned the president for his “weakness.” She said Biden’s decision to release a terrorist is essentially “turning a blind eye” to what happened on 9/11. It ignores the pain thousands of families impacted by the events of that day felt.

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