Biden’s Border Chief Now Begging for Money

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( – Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, has spent the last three years defunding the budget cuts to Customs and Border Protection as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement, however, Congress had repeatedly rejected his push for budget cuts.

More recently, Mayorkas went to Congress to request the exact opposite, seeking $14 billion in emergency funds that could be used at the southern border. As he stated last week to the House Homeland Security Committee, these funds are necessary for additional resources, personnel, support, and facilities. He added that the Department was under-resources had had been “perennially.”

Former immigration judge, Matt O’Brien, remarked regarding the appeal that it was ironic for Mayorkas to be requesting additional funds when he has spent years pushing for spending cuts. O’Brien is currently the Immigration Reform Law Institute director of investigations. As he noted, there are two possibilities. The first is that the Department of Homeland Security is unclear on what his mission is and is unsure of how to get the necessary funds, or that Mayorkas had been lying to Congress. He added that there is a record of Mayorkas being untruthful to Congress, which is why he believes that is what is happening right now.

O’Brien further pointed out that the DHS has one of the largest budgets in the federal government and that it has gone from having a $60.9 billion fund in 2015 to having an additional $101.6 billion in 2023. President Biden has been looking to increase that budget by $1.6 billion in 2024.

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