Biden’s “Off The Record” Meeting With Big Executives Revealed


( – On March 21, White House officials held a briefing with CEOs from multiple industries. The discussion was about the impacts of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on the American economy. The group also discussed sanctions and future plans.

During the meeting with executives representing oil and gas, energy, finance, agriculture, and industrial companies, Biden officials explained the administration would continue to take a heavy hand with sanctions against Russia to show ongoing support for Ukraine. Many of the companies in attendance had also taken steps to punish the Kremlin’s actions.

Officials also recognized the necessity to give Americans relief from the rising cost of goods due to the conflict. The discussion centered on the need to address the impact of Putin’s aggressive actions on supply chains and the global market. The group spoke about the demand for alternative sources for necessary goods.

While the meeting was not part of President Joe Biden’s schedule, he did stop in right before his quarterly business roundtable meeting. It was separate from the later appointment, where he also planned to discuss Russia’s impact on the economy.

The Biden administration has repeatedly placed much of the blame on Putin for the skyrocketing inflation. Pointing fingers is all good and well, but the American people need solutions. Is there more the president could do to help ease the financial burdens many citizens face right now?

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