Biden’s Policies Leave Federal Border Patrol Agents Feeling “Defeated”

Biden's Policies Leave Federal Border Patrol Agents Feeling

( – On April 12, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd sat down for an interview with Just the News — Not Noise. He spoke about how US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents “feel defeated,” and he’s seeing the lowest morale ever in his 25 years of service. He blames the Biden White House for the situation.

Judd said meetings before the Biden administration included joking and camaraderie, but now they are subdued with nobody talking. He explained that they’re aware they can’t “do the job that is necessary to protect the American public” under current White House policies.

He notes the Biden administration has created the lowest level of border security the country has ever had. Agents don’t feel like they are doing anything of purpose anymore.

He said the sheer number of illegal immigrants crossing the border is taxing the CBP, and they can’t handle the workload. It’s likely only going to get worse as the administration suspends Title 42. Judd explained when agents are overworked and stretched thin, it creates pathways for cartels and other criminals to get into the US. He warned that once Title 42 is gone, the “cartels are going to control our borders.”

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