Biden’s Vicious Dog Problem

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( – President Biden’s German shepherd, Commander, was involved in a series of aggressive incidents with U.S. Secret Service personnel, leading to at least 24 reported cases of biting or attempted biting between October 2022 and July 2023, culminating in the dog’s removal from the White House premises.

Documents made public by The Black Vault and reported by Fox News Digital detail various occasions where Commander exhibited aggressive behavior towards Secret Service staff and others, across multiple locations including the White House, Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, and Camp David.

One notable instance occurred when President Biden was taking Commander out to the South Grounds, and the dog unexpectedly grabbed a Secret Service member’s arm without causing a puncture. Over time, the incidents escalated, including one where an agent sustained chest bites leading to shirt damage and minor lacerations, and another where an agent required stitches for a bite on the arm.

The Secret Service communicated with its personnel about adapting their operational tactics to ensure safety around Commander, advising them to maintain distance and be vigilant. Despite efforts to manage the situation, including seeking professional training and behavior consultation for Commander, the challenges persisted.

On one occasion in Rehoboth Beach, Commander inflicted a severe bite on an agent, resulting in a deep wound and significant blood loss, necessitating medical treatment and stitches.

Acknowledging the safety concerns for its employees, the Secret Service stated that incidents involving Commander were handled as workplace injuries, following the appropriate guidelines. The agency emphasized its commitment to employee well-being while navigating the presence of family pets in the presidential environment.

Responding to the situation, the First Lady’s office expressed the Bidens’ deep concern for the safety of White House staff and the challenges the environment posed for Commander. Despite various interventions, the White House setting was ultimately deemed unsuitable for the dog, leading to his relocation to live with other family members.

This decision came after the Bidens had to rehome their previous dog, Major, another German shepherd known for aggressive behavior, including biting incidents involving Secret Service and White House staff, who was sent to live with friends in Delaware.

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