Big Company Caught Faking Diversity Interviews

Company Caught Faking Diversity Interviews

Famous Company Caught FAKING Interviews

( – Wells Fargo & Company suffered tremendous pushback from the public and regulators after a scandal broke in 2020 involving the bank creating fraudulent accounts in customers’ names. They were also found responsible for tricking customers into purchasing auto insurance. Now, a new scandal is brewing in the wake of a recent exposé claiming the company faked diversity interviews.

On May 19, The New York Times reported seven current and former employees of Wells Fargo say the company uses fake interviews to boost its diversity numbers. For example, Joe Bruno, a former executive, said he often followed instructions to interview a woman or person of color for a position that was no longer open. He accuses Wells Fargo of retaliating against him for speaking out about the shady practice.

Bruno and others claim management would force these interviews to make its records look better. The documentation would show members had conducted a high number of interviews with diverse prospects even though the company wasn’t hiring them.

Wells Fargo spokeswoman Raschelle Burton rebuked the claims. She said the company does “not tolerate” the described tactics in a statement she sent to The New York Times. Burton explained she knew about rumors of such practices, but they were from another time and are no longer operational procedures at the company. The spokeswoman also noted that after management changes in 2020, new leadership would not participate in such actions.

At that time, Wells Fargo reportedly committed to more diversity in its hiring practices. The company had a formal policy in 2020 to interview a wider variety of candidates for jobs with salaries over $100,000. Still, that same year, the company had a claim against it by the Department of Labor for discrimination in hiring. These new accusations only add to the issues tarnishing Wells Fargo’s image.

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