Bill Clinton Wants To Replace Meat

Bill Clinton Wants To Replace Meat

( – New York Mayor Eric Adams is pushing people in his state to adopt a plant-based diet. The controversial proclamation continues to bring about significant criticism, but one former president recently threw his support behind the mayor. In a February 7 tweet, former President Bill Clinton said he supports switching to a vegan diet.

In the tweet, Clinton remarked that he “can speak from personal experience” when he says following a plant-based diet will make people healthier and reduce the cost of healthcare. He fully supports making the diet “more accessible.”

Clinton has allegedly enjoyed a plant-based diet for years, mainly to achieve good heart health. While he occasionally eats salmon, a heart-healthy food, the former president says it isn’t his number one choice; he’d prefer to be completely vegan.

Mayor Adams, who is currently pushing to replace meat, also claims to eat a plant-based diet. But locals, who recently saw him gorging on fish, beg to disagree.

When questioned about his fish consumption, Adams refused to answer, saying he did not want to discuss his eating habits. However, shortly afterward, the mayor admitted that he does occasionally consume fish.

In a statement to VegNews, Adams called his consumption “perfectly imperfect.” But he was also quick to say eating plant-based saved his life; he aspires to become 100% vegan in the future. Adams first adjusted his diet in 2016 to combat complications from type 2 diabetes.

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