Bill Gates Ex-Wife Makes 2024 Endorsement

World Economic Forum from Cologny, Switzerland, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Thursday, Melinda French Gates took to the social media platform X to endorse President Joe Biden in his reelection bid.

In her post, she argued that she had never before officially endorsed a U.S. candidate, but that with this year’s election being so important for women and American families she felt inclined to do so. The philanthropist argued that women deserved to have a leader who would protect their health, safety, reproductive rights, place in democracy, and economic power. She added that the contrast between the two candidates “couldn’t be greater” and that the stakes are very high. 

Melinda French Gates, whose ex-husband Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft, added as part of her post an opinion piece that she had written for CNN in which she talked about why she is supporting Biden. 

In the opinion piece, she pointed out that her work on global health and gender equality often requires her to work with leaders who are sitting across the aisle, which is why she has previously refrained from making any statements about who she had voted for in previous elections. However, as she pointed out, this year is significantly different. 

She added that former President Donald Trump during his first presidential term had endangered women’s health and safety while also taking away their essential freedoms. 

Former President Donald Trump’s spokesperson Steven Cheung argued in a statement to The Hill that no one cared about what she had to say and that these were people with an over-inflated sense of how much power they hold, thinking that they could use their money in order to buy elections. 

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