Blind Athlete’s True Vision Is 20/20

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Blind Athlete’s True Vision Is 20/20

In 2011, on the Fourth of July, Daniel Nevarez was driving to Chandler when his vision suddenly started darkening. When he described the event later on, he said it had been frightening and that he had pulled to the side of the road and contacted his wife. He also noted that because it was a holiday weekend, he had been worried that he wouldn’t be able to see a doctor until Tuesday.

When the day of his doctor appointment came, Nevarez was told that he had suffered a retinal detachment, which essentially meant that the part of his eye which created images had completely pulled back. Two surgeries later and Nevarez continued to be unable to see from his right eye. The next eight years were spent adjusting as he was now only able to see from one eye.

That was until in 2019, a new development occurred. Nevarez began developing myopic degeneration in his left eye. This also caused damage to his retina. Within the next three years, Nevarez lost all eyesight and was left legally blind.

As a hobby, he started running, which soon developed into a passion as Nevarez started training for the New York City Marathon in early November. A sighted guide is there to aid him throughout the race, which he is hoping to be able to finish in under four hours. As Nevarez has said he is hoping that this will help give people hope and understanding that if one day they wake up and their whole world is different they can still make the most of their life. As he said he wants to run the marathon for all those before him that were denied because of a disability.

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