Blue State Police Sound the Alarm After Getting Strange Award

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( – WalletHub recently put out a study that found California to be the best place for someone to be in law enforcement. However, California police unions opposed these findings arguing that the soft-on-crime policies and staffing issues had resulted in low morale among the police union members. 

The personal finance website considered a variety of factors when making the report including protection, job hazards, training, and compensation. However, California police union representative Tom Saggau argued that it had not surveyed the sheriff’s deputies or survey officers. 

Saggau informed Fox News Digital that some of the things cited in the report were not in alignment with what they were hearing when they surveyed the rank and file. As he pointed out, the unions often asked their members whether they would recommend to their friends and family to join the police in California, and have found that 85 percent of respondents had stated “no.” He also pointed out that there are low staffing levels in the police departments in many California cities including San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. This often results in mandatory overtime which can truly change the lives of officers in the state which has a high cost of living. This means that the officers will usually need to live farther away from where their work is. 

San Francisco Police Officers Association president Tracy McCray has argued that because of the high cost of homes in San Francisco, officers will usually leave outside the city, which leads to high commuting costs and times. 

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