Bold Man Tries To Steal Batman’s Girlfriend

Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash

Attempted Theft GOES WRONG!

Suki Waterhouse, a famous English model, actress, and singer, is currently dating Robert Pattinson. However, in a new video posted by Waterhouse on TikTok, a guy is persistently trying to catch her attention as she is walking with her friend.

The video which was filmed by her friend began in the middle of the interaction, with the stranger asking the two where they had met.

The man is heard asking Suki whether she met her camerawoman friend in England, to which Suki replied that they had met in LA. She then made an attempt at leaving and escaping the man’s attention by telling him “Bye, honey!”

However, the man continued to follow her, and he tried to get her number. The two tried to politely decline the man telling him that Suki had a boyfriend and that she wasn’t interested.

The encounter which was posted online left many commenters wondering why men were so oblivious to hints or too blatant rejections.

Many commenters have also noted that the fact that she was not recognized is a “red flag”, not to mention all the comments that related to the man trying to steal Batman’s or Edward Cullen’s girlfriend. Both are characters that Robert Pattinson has played.

One of the funniest comments came from someone who said that they needed to find the man in the video and educate him on both who she is as well as who her boyfriend is so that we can see the man’s reaction.


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