Box of Human Body Parts Reportedly Stolen

Box of Human Body Parts Reportedly Stolen

( – Vehicle break-ins are common in many areas. Thieves typically look for money or valuable items they can pawn. However, a criminal in Colorado got more than he or she bargained for when they decided to steal from a truck located in the Central Park neighborhood.

Sometime overnight on March 2 or 3, a thief broke into a truck transporting items for medical research in Denver, CO. The culprit stole a blue and white box and a dolly. The thief may have had a scare once he or she opened the score to discover it contained human heads — although the label, which read Exempt Human Specimen, should have given the person a slight indication of the contents.

Denver is having an issue with vehicle break-ins. Police alerted the public on Facebook on March 1 about the issue, urging citizens to lock vehicles, roll-up windows, not leave belongings behind, park in well-lit areas and use car alarms.

Investigators continue to look for leads in the case. There have been no arrests, and law enforcement hasn’t released any further details about the truck or any suspects. They urge the public to contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers with any information at 720-931-STOP.

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