Boy Scouts Undergo Major Change

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( – The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) are going to be rebranding to become more inclusive. The rebranding will be going into effect on Feb. 8, 2025,  on the 115th anniversary of the organization. 

Officials have announced that the name of the organization would be changed to Scouting America to be more inclusive. The move has been seen as an attempt for the organization to move from bankruptcy as they are facing a number of sexual abuse claims. BSA last year settled claims by close to 82,000 former Boy Scouts who had claimed that they had been sexually abused either by BSA volunteers or officials. The settlement was for $2.46 billion. Last year, the bankruptcy reorganization plan went into effect which has allowed the organization to continue with its operations. 

BSA chief executive officer and president Roger A. Krone argued that while their mission will not change they will now function under a new name. He added that they continue to be committed to teaching young people how to prepare for life. He noted that as part of this evolution, they wanted to ensure that everyone was feeling more welcome when scouring. 

Following decades of turmoil, the deeply traditional organization has made several changes including welcoming girls and gay youth throughout its ranks. This is an attempt at increasing the number of members which has continuously dropped. The organization announced on Tuesday during their Florida annual meeting the change of name with BSA leaders noting that they were focused on continuing to provide a safe environment for children to learn skills. 

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