Bride Brought To Tears by Grandfather at Wedding

Photo by Steve Wiesner on Unsplash

When Marla Rice and her husband Brantley got married, they had no idea about the surprise that the bride’s parents had meticulously prepared. In fact, when the mother of the bride pulled her aside to remind her that there was a surprise, Marla asked whether her parents had brought the couple’s 150-lb. Newfoundland, Theo, to the wedding.

However, that was not a surprise. Outside the wedding venue, there was a shiny black and green 1931 Model-A Ford truck that had belonged to her maternal grandparents, Bob and Barbara Selders, before the two died in a flood that destroyed Johnstown, Penn., in 1977.
Marla said that as soon as she saw the vehicle, she was in shock and she felt as if her grandparents were still in the vehicle and at the wedding with them. She added that the surprise brought tears to her eyes.

What surprised her even more though, was that Marla’s family had long written off the antique quarter-ton truck thinking that they would not be able to find it again.

Marla’s mom, Tracie Aurandt, who was 13 when her parents passed away said that the truck was a big piece of their lives and it represented home.

The long-lost pick-up truck was one of the few belongings that the couple had that was not lost in the flood. At the time of their passing their oldest child, Terrie, then 22 and newly married, took in siblings Tracie and Tammie, 10. Their other brother Dallen moved in with a family friend nearby. The truck was sold so that the family could have funds.

The appearance of the truck was just a reminder of home and their family which is why Marla had worked hard to track the video down after her daughter had mentioned her desire to have a vintage vehicle at the wedding.

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