Bride Demands Husband’s Cousin Be Ejected From Wedding

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( – One user took to Reddit in the hopes that they will receive invaluable advice about a man who is making the poster feel uncomfortable. As the user starts to explain, they are soon going to be married, however, her fiancé is insisting that his older cousin be part of the wedding party.

As the user posted in the subreddit “Wedding Drama,” this particular cousin is someone who is in a “toxic and unhealthy relationship” and his wife, who he is on and off again with, is not going to be joining them for the wedding. She added that this particular cousin has a 10-year difference with her fiancé and that for his 13th birthday, he had taken her fiancé to the strip club.

This is not the only issue she has had with him. In the past, the cousin has walked into her naked, and instead of apologizing and turning around, he just stared at her. All of these issues have led the bride-to-be to believe that the guy has loose morals and that he has been an incredibly bad role model throughout her fiancé’s life.

She added that she was very uncomfortable about this person being in their wedding and wanted to talk to her fiancé about it.

Most commenters sympathized with the bride-to-be and even encouraged her to talk to her fiancé about his problematic cousin. They all added as this was all in the planning phase it would be best for them to talk to the cousin now before he became a part of the wedding.

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