By Popular Demand, Amber Heard’s Movie Screen Time Cut to Mere 10 Minutes

By Popular Demand, Amber Heard's Movie Screen Time Cut to Mere 10 Minutes

Amber Heard Gets Sweet Taste Of Her Own Medicine After Fans Rally Against Her

( – Actress Amber Heard and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, are embroiled in one of the most high-profile civil suits in recent memory. As the couple airs its dirty laundry in front of the world, rumors swirl that Heard’s reputation has taken enough of a hit to have her role in a major motion picture reduced to just 10 minutes. Grace Randolph, known for exclusive entertainment industry scoops, broke the news on Twitter.

According to TMZ’s reporting of the story, a petition to remove Heard from the upcoming blockbuster “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” received more than three million signatures. As the case drags on and more testimony comes out, Heard’s alleged antics in her personal life seem to make her more unpopular by the day. On the set of the new Marvel film, Heard was noticeably absent when the film wrapped, going untagged by Jason Momoa and other stars as her public image seemingly withers away.

Heard’s 10 minutes in the film may or may not be a result of public pressure and the petition against her. Producer Peter Safran told Deadline in 2021 that the casting wouldn’t be influenced by fans, even as Johhny Depp lost his role as Jack Sparrow in Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise to Heard’s allegations of emotional and physical abuse. The ongoing trial between the two stars is scheduled to wrap up later this month.

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