California Education Leader Sentenced to Home Confinement

Calfornia Education Leader Sentenced to Home Confinement

California Leader IMPRISONED – Huge Scandal Uncovered!

( – The huge Hollywood college admissions scandal that put “Full House” star Aunt Becky behind bars continues. Former private school director Igor Dvorskiy pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy in 2019 and just recently, on August 9, a judge sentenced him to one year of supervised release with three months of house arrest.

US District Court Judge Indira Talwani also ordered Dvorskiy to forfeit $149,540 in ill-gotten gains. He managed to avoid prison time by providing information to prosecutors regarding other individuals who participated in the scheme, known as Operation Varsity Blues.

The plan involved wealthy parents paying people to doctor their children’s SAT and ACT scores so they could get acceptance into top colleges and universities. The former West Hollywood school director was in charge of hiring the proctors who would change the answers on their admissions tests to reflect higher marks than they earned.

Over 50 people, including two famous television stars, faced charges in the scandal. “Full House” actress Lori Loughlin spent two months in jail, received 100 hours of community service, and paid a fine of $150,000. She had involved her two daughters in the scam, paying $500,000 to get them into the University of Southern California.

Former Desperate Housewives lead Felicity Huffman received a 14-day jail sentence, 250 hours of community service, and a $30,000 fine for paying $15,000 to get a false SAT score for her child.

Dvorskiy’s attorneys filed court documents explaining that their client had accepted his responsibility for his role in the scandal. They further noted his actions were not a result of trying to gain riches for his own use because he gave his earnings to West Hollywood College Prep. Still, he understands the negative impact of the scheme and is repentant.

Was his sentence fair, or should he have faced more severe consequences for what he did?

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