Cameraman Hailed as Hero for Helping Hurricane Victims

Photo by Alexey Demidov on Unsplash

Cameraman Hailed as Hero for Helping Hurricane Victims

During a live broadcast on Wednesday, a cameraman quickly dropped all of his equipment and rushed to help a family that was running from a flood caused by Hurricane Ian.

Hurricane Ian was a category four hurricane that has recently left a lot of wreckage in Florida. This was one of the strongest storms to have hit the United States, with winds up to 150 miles per hour. So far, north of 85 people have been reported dead because of the storm.

In the meantime, Floridians are looking to see what the extent of damage dealt to their homes and businesses as many trees have fallen, cars have been toppled, and many coastal cities have experienced intense floods. Fort Myers local politicians have also said that the entire coastal city will have to be rebuilt.

There was a ton of debris caused by the hurricane’s destruction, which blocked many passages for those looking to escape. In Naples, Florida, the flood made many rush to leave their homes. It was there that an Australian cameraman stopped the news coverage to run toward a hurricane victim that needed help.

The video of the impressive rescue has been going viral online.

Glen Ellis, the cameraman, runs into the flood three times to help some people carry their belongings and move to higher ground. He also assisted a person who fell into the water as he was making his escape.

As the presenter noted while the video was playing the homes of these people were completely flooded and lost, which led to them needing to abandon them.


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