Carpenter’s Act of Kindness Goes Viral

Photo by ALEXANDRE LALLEMAND on Unsplash

Woman SPOTTED in the Dirt – Until a Stranger Came Along

James Warren had been walking around his neighborhood in Denver one day when he noticed a woman sitting in the dirt while waiting at a bus stop. At that moment, he decided to make it his mission to help make waiting at the bus stop a little bit better for his fellow city members.

Warren began by finding scraps of wood that were discarded. Using the tools and knowledge his constructor father had taught him, he started building benches.
His first bench, which was built at the beginning of the year, was placed at the bus stop where he got the original idea. Since that time, he has also placed eight more custom benches across the area.

Because every bench is made from different scraps of wood, each of them varies in appearance, and can take hours to build. Once the construction process is finished, Warren delivers them to the different bus stops that have no sitting areas.

Warren stated that he hasn’t asked for permission from the city to do this, but he will continue with his project until the city stops him. Apart from building the benches, he will also often add a small message to them, adding his own personal touch to a very generous project. Warren has said that while at times it can feel hard to find what changes you can make in the world, being kind can often be the key to even small changes.

Many in the community have been using the benches and have even been inspired by them. In fact, others have joined in on the effort to create benches and have even posted about it online.

Warren says that this not only helps the community, but it also eliminates how much wood scraps end up in landfills.


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