Chick-fil-A Makes Major Change To Their Restaurants

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( – Chick-fil-A has unveiled its new restaurant design that is going to first be introduced to its New York City and Atlanta locations within the next year. As part of the new futuristic design, there is going to be a four-lane drive-thru that is going to be running below the kitchen which is going to improve efficiency and will reduce the time spent in the drive-thru lanes of the store.

On July 27, the company stated in a news release that building the kitchen above the drive-thru lanes is going to increase the speed with which their team members are going to be delivering the orders to the customers. They further pointed out that this improvement will mean that hospitality and speedy service are going to be combined instead of one suffering because of the other.

The company has stated that with the new restaurant design, they are going to be able to accommodate up to 75 vehicles and that this is going to help accelerate the speed with which customers are served and receive their meals.

There are other benefits to the new structure as patrons are also going to be allowed to place their orders through a mobile app if they do not want to use one of the typical outlets. The new design will also allow for double the amount of typical outlets making it even more convenient for patrons to place their orders.

Executive director Khalilah Cooper stated that digital orders are currently over half of the total sales in many markets and that this type of order has increased as most customers are looking for convenience.

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