Child Predator May Have Committed Suicide by Poisoning After Guilty Verdict

Child Predator May Have Committed Suicide by Poisoning After Guilty Verdict

Sudden DEATH During Trial – He Was Poisoned!

( – On August 11, Edward Leclair appeared in a Texas courtroom to hear his fate in a child molestation case. The defendant faced five counts stemming from a 2016 incident with one victim. After the jury read its guilty verdict on all charges, the man drank from a water bottle, went to a holding cell, and died shortly thereafter.

An investigation is pending as to what exactly happened. Still, the prosecutor Jamie Beck noted the contents of the water bottle Leclair drank looked cloudy. She also said the defendant didn’t consume anything until after the jury read its verdict, at which time he quickly chugged the contents. The convicted predator’s attorney, Mike Howard, characterized his client’s actions as taking an extended drink.

Beck explained incidents sometimes occur after court due to the overwhelming nature of the proceedings, but she noted that officials had never seen anything quite like this before. The attorney said an investigator in the courtroom also noticed Leclair’s seemingly odd behavior and directed a bailiff to check on him.

The official found Leclair on the floor of his holding cell with an ashen appearance. Medical personnel pronounced his death shortly afterward.

Leclair reportedly brought the water bottle with him to court. Officials took the container into evidence.

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