Child Trafficking Ring Leader Involved Own Daughter, Report Finds

Child Trafficking Ring Leader Involved Own Daughter, Report Finds

( – Hearing stories about children victimized by child trafficking is heartbreaking. Most parents want to take victims under their wings and protect them, which is why a recent report from Spain of a father exploiting his daughter is especially revolting.

One of the leaders of a child trafficking ring in Madrid allegedly presented his child on adult websites as part of his crimes. The man tried to pass her off as an adult, even going so far as to have an 18th birthday party in a Tetouan, Morocco, bar when she was only 16 years old. Officials believe her father kept all the income she made in these exploits.

The father was among 37 people authorities arrested on November 30. The individuals face various charges related to sexually abusing children. Those participating in the operation ranged in age from 18 to 57.

A well-known name was also among those taken into custody. YouTube rapper Saymol Fyly faces accusations of luring girls into the crime ring. The singer has over 150,000 subscribers to his channel and has continued to post content on social media, recently including a statement on Instagram that he wasn’t guilty.

The investigation into the trafficking operation began when the Family and Women’s Care Unit in Madrid discovered a 16-year-old girl working in the sex trade. The trafficking ring would entice girls through social media with promises of money. The criminals would then involve the minors in selling and using drugs, hoping to get them addicted to the substances to keep them part of the operation.

When officers broke up the ring, they freed 10 girls held captive. They also collected evidence, including camera equipment, drugs, weapons, electronics and cash.

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