Child Was Allegedly Bribed Into Getting Vaccine, Lawsuit Says

Child Was Allegedly Bribed Into Getting Vaccine, Lawsuit Says

Child Allegedly BRIBED – Lawyers Brought in Against School!

( – Maribel Duarte is suing the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) for giving her son the COVID-19 vaccination without her permission. She claims officials bribed her son with pizza at an event to push the shot at Barack Obama Preparation Academy. The mother explained her child has health issues, which prompted his doctor to advise against receiving the inoculation.

During a press conference on July 27, Duarte, who noted her son has a bleeding disorder and asthma, claimed her 13-year-old is now suffering side effects. He’s tired and physically worn down. The concerned parent alleged the school urged the child to forge her signature on forms, allowing him to receive the vaccine.

The family’s attorney, Nicole Pearson, said the issue is not about the vaccination. The case centers on parental rights and how the LAUSD violated them. She noted all parents should be fighting against the problem because it hinders guardians’ rights to protect their children.

The district refused to comment on the situation, stating it would not provide commentary on ongoing legal cases.

The story first came to light in December 2021, when California created a vaccine mandate for students over the age of 12. Parents expressed concerns over the law, and Duarte came forward to speak with NBC 4 Los Angeles about what happened to her son.

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