China Implements Punishment for Alibaba

( – China’s interest in making itself look as good as possible, even at the expense of the rest of the world, became clear when the country attempted to cover up the COVID-19 pandemic during the crucial time frame when it would have had a higher possibility of being contained. The country’s decision to sanction eCommerce giant Alibaba for choosing not to cover up a major problem parallels this type of thinking when it comes to global tech security.

Alibaba Discovered Major Cyber Security Vulnerability

Alibaba was the first company to discover a significant new cyber security threat that has quickly been found to affect a wide range of major companies. The vulnerability, which is now referred to as Log4Shell, gives hackers easy remote access to servers and devices. Potential hackers can then control several key aspects of the affected companies from anywhere, which puts the companies at a very high risk until the threat is found and mitigated. Alibaba initially discovered the vulnerability on November 24, and Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and several other major tech companies located it within their own software by mid-December.

China Is Penalizing Alibaba for Being Honest

Rather than praising Alibaba for sounding the alarm so that other companies would have the opportunity to minimize potential damage from Log4Shell, including those outside China, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology apparently would have preferred that the company keep the cyber security flaw to itself. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has suspended its relationship with Alibaba for six months, claiming that the company’s decision not to hide crucial information violates policies that the Chinese Communist Party recently put in place.

It will also be using the suspension period to evaluate what that partnership might look like moving forward or even whether to continue working with Alibaba at all in the future.

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