China in Pursuit of Nuclear Expansion

China in Pursuit of Nuclear Expansion

China Orders EXPANSION – A Global Crisis Event?

( – China is currently working to substantially increase its nuclear arsenal, according to a report released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) on June 13. The recent delivery of new mobile launchers and newly acquired satellite images showing work on 300 additional missile silos supports concerns that the communist nation is working diligently to increase its nuclear capabilities. The report comes on the heels of Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe bragging about the country’s nuclear development.

The report showed none of the nine nuclear-capable countries have increased their stockpiles, but they are changing strategies and making upgrades. SPIRI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Program director, Wilfred Wan, said the manner in which nuclear powers are handling their arsenals is worrisome.

In 2021, the Pentagon issued a report predicting China would potentially have over 1,000 warheads by 2030. While the US and Russia have over 5,000, the Asian stockpile would push the Chinese ahead of the British and French. The SIPRI report also warned that China’s development could allow the country to move and launch its missiles quickly, which makes it more difficult for adversaries to stop the nation from attacking.

Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy James Anderson said China is creating a “trilateral situation” that could lead to accidents in a recent interview with Fox News. He also stated the balance of nuclear power between the US and Russia is more stable than it’s been for more than 70 years. But, adding China to the equation could cause an imbalance that Anderson characterized as “unfortunate.”

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