China Is Getting Closer to American Soil With This New Operation

China Is Getting Closer to American Soil With This New Operation

China Launches NEW OPERATION – It’s Close To American Soil

( – China is reaching out to island nations in the South Pacific with a bold new plan it says will increase regional security and stimulate economic growth. However, the US and other countries may see the move as a ploy to take a strategic military position in the area, far too close for comfort to US soil.

In April, China signed a pact with the Solomon Islands that has some worried that the communist nation is gaining influence in the region, an area dominated by the US Navy since World War II. The new Chinese proposal went out to the Solomons and nine other countries.

In a letter obtained by the Associated Press, Micronesian President David Panuelo alerted his fellow South Pacific neighbors of his concerns, warning them that having China in the area could serve as a precursor to World War III or another cold war. In addition to putting the Chinese military in its backyard, Panuelo warned that the troops could be used as a strategic tool against support for Taiwan should China decide to invade.

To the Chinese government, Taiwan is still a part of their country. The United States has agreed to its “one China” policy toward Taiwan, however the U.S. also recognizes the tiny island nation as a diplomatic entity and opposes a military takeover by China.

Some might see the move to secure influence in the South Pacific as yet another way for China to inch closer to a conflict with Taiwan.

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