China Is Hoarding Food Amid Concerns Over Shortages

China Is Hoarding Food Amid Concerns Over Shortages

Chinese FOOD ORDER – A Famine Threat?

( – China is under fire for hoarding food supplies. While the nation denies the accusations, there is plenty of proof to the contrary. The Asian country typically receives a large amount of corn from Ukraine, but due to the conflict with Russia, there was a shortage. So, the Chinese are going elsewhere to buy maize in large quantities, creating one of the most significant stockpiles ever seen.

Ukraine sent out 1.1 million tons of products compared to 2.6 million a year ago, and China took around 400,000 tons. China is set to be the biggest importer of corn in 2021, 2022, and 2023. The country was able to arrange receipt of 1.020 million metric tons from private US sellers for the marketing years from 2021 to 2023. Reports show the region held about 69% of the world’s corn supplies during the first six months of 2022’s crop year.

In April, the state-run Global Times reported that foreign media was trying to falsely accuse the Asian country of food hoarding. The outlet stated the nation had only taken measures to guarantee its future “food security.” According to the outlet, any claims about shortages are reportedly nothing more than a smear campaign. While the conflict in Ukraine has caused some issues with supply, the media reported the amount of grain available in China is bountiful.

When one area builds up its stockpile, the rest of the world has less to share. That can lead to higher prices and shortfalls for everyone else, which is especially damaging to developing countries.

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