China’s Secret Agents Caught in America, Spying for China

China's Secret Agents Caught in America, Spying for China

China’s Secret Agents Caught On American Soil

( – An American citizen and four People’s Republic of China (PRC) spies allegedly conducted operations inside the United States to collect information on Chinese dissidents and pro-democracy activists. A 73-year-old New York man, Shujun Wang, and two of the four operatives from the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS), the country’s primary intelligence service, are in custody, while the other two are at large.

One of the three indictments handed down by federal prosecutors alleges that Wang was a wholly-involved asset of the Chinese government from 2005 until March of this year. During that time, he used his familiarity and influence within his community to collect information on his own neighbors, sending it back through the MSS officials to Beijing.

Chinese officials reportedly instructed the man to root out dissidents involved with movements unpopular to the PRC, including pro-democracy movements in support of the Uyghurs, Taiwan, Tibet, and Hong Kong. Wang’s job was to make sure the government knew when dissent arose and who was responsible.

If convicted, Wang faces a statutory maximum 20-year sentence. The Chinese operatives face a variety of charges and possible sentences. One of the spies at large, Qiming Lin, faces a decade in prison for assaulting and intimidating a candidate for Congress into dropping out of the race in fear for his life.

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