China’s Top Scientists Launch New Device To Solve Cosmic Mysteries

China's Top Scientists Launch New Device To Solve Cosmic Mysteries

China Launches MYSTERY Operation – Top Scientists Involved

( – China’s space program will launch a new telescope that may see more of the skies than ever before. Built to rival the famous Hubble Telescope, the Xuntian Space Telescope is believed to have the capability to look into the heavens and provide never-before-seen perspectives on the evolution of the universe, distant galaxies, and even elusive dark matter and energy.

China’s new space tech promises to see up to 40% of the sky and provide insight into the past and future of the universe. Scientists have long pondered space’s expansion, but now they may be able to look at the cause rather than the effect.

The telescope’s name means “space station telescope” in Chinese because, in addition to its technological capabilities as a tool to survey the stars, its design also allows the device to dock with China’s new space station, scheduled for completion in 2023. Unlike Hubble, which required no-longer-available shuttle missions for maintenance, the Xuntian will dock for scheduled maintenance.

While the Xuntian is an impressive piece of machinery, its only rival, the Hubble, is more than 30-years old. However, don’t count the US space program out. The James Webb Space Telescope is already in space under preparation for full deployment. Stay tuned for further developments on this matter.

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