Chinese Drones Being Used In Ukraine-Russia Conflict

Chinese Drones Being Used In Ukraine-Russia Conflict

Chinese DRONES Spotted – Whose Side Are They On?

( – Chinese drone company, DJI, is the world leader in its field, selling more drones than any other company. Its products are more than remote control flying machines; they’re small, intelligent instruments with incredible information-gathering technology. After reports of the tiny spies flying over the skies of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the company disconnected both countries from its global network.

The place that every DJI drone must connect to in order to operate, sends signals via satellite to the company’s command centers in Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China. Both the Biden and Trump administrations believe the drones and the network they live on present a significant risk to national security.

An opinion piece by retired Colonel John Mills on Newsmax highlights the dangers of these tiny spies hovering over America. There are fears of them sending every bit of information through space and ultimately across the planet to a country the author believes is currently working to destroy America and its way of life.

The company’s voluntary removal of drone operations for fear they could be misused in the Ukrainian conflict shows there are most likely risks involved and that the company knows it. Mills believes the default admission of guilt shows a closer connection between Russia and China than previously thought.

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